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Palisade Fencing is a high security fencing,It is designed to provide a formidable barrier against intrusion and theft and provides a good alternative to a high wall.

Material: Q235

Surface Treatment: Hot dipped galvanized or Hot dip galvanized+PVC coated

Color: Nature, Green RAL6005, Black RAL9005, Blue, Yellow, etc

Technique: punched into different models


According to the variety of heads, palisade fencing can be divided into steel profile head, triple pointed head or single pointed head.


The steel palisade fencing is very tough with smooth surface and sharp profiled heads.

Steel palisade fencing makes ideal rigid barriers for garden, yards and other fields offering good visual integrity to the environments.

Palisade fencing application :

  • Commercial properties
  • At-risk industrial sites
  • Electricity sub-stations
  • Sports grounds
  • Police stations

Palisade Fence

Fence panel height


Fence panel width


Pale height


Pale width

W pale 65-75mm, D pale 65-70mm

Pale thickness


Angle rail

40mm×40mm, 50mm×50mm, 63mm×63mm

Angle rail thickness


RSJ post

100mm×55mm, 100mm×68mm, 150mm×75mm

Square post

50mm×50mm, 60mm×60mm,

75mm×75mm, 80mm×80mm

Square post thickness


Straight fish-plates or post clamps

30mm×150mm×7mm, 40mm×180mm×7mm

Bolts and nuts

M8 × No.34 for pale fixing,

M12 × No.4 for rail fixing