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Horse panels, or corral panels are made from heavy duty galvanized steel tubes, which are welded together by vertical posts and horizontal rails to form a sturdy structure. A horse arena or pen can be formed with pieces of panels jointed with accessories. Horse panels are easy to install and dismantle. They are widely used to enclose and protect horses in farmland, paddocks, arenas, rodeo, stables, etc.  Materials: Low Carbon steel.
Type Light-Duty Medium-Duty Heavy- Duty
Rail Number(Height) 5 Rails 1600mm6 Rails 1700mm6 Rails 1800mm 5 Rails 1600mm6 Rails 1700mm6 Rails 1800mm 5 Rails 1600mm6 Rails 1700mm6 Rails 1800mm
Post Size 40 x 40mm RHS 40 x 40mm RHS 50 x 50mm RHS 50 x 50mm RHS 89mm OD 60 x 60mm RHS
Rail Size 40 x 40mm 60 x 30 mm 50 x 50mm 80x 40mm 97 x 42 mm 115 x 42mm
Length 2.1m2.2m 2.5m 3.2m 4.0m etc.
Surface Treatment 1. Fully hot dipped galvanized  2. Pre- Galvanized pipe then antirust spraying 
Kits 1. 2 Lugs and Pins2. Cattle Panel Gate (Cattle Gate In Frame, Double Gate, Man Gate, Slide Gate)
  1. easy fast to handle(set up,remove and put down)
  2. Interlocking system makes the fence stable;quality steel and fully welding makes the panel more stronger
  3. Don’t need to dig holes or lay foundations.And it benefit grassland protection.
  4. No sharp edge,very smooth welding spot finihment.