What is the role of installing galvanized chain link fence in the basketball court?

Chain Link Fence mainly plays the role of windproof, sandproof and shading during use. Strong durability is required, and the main material is the thick material of synthetic fiber. The color is green. The basketball court chain link fence is easy to install, has a wide range of applications, concise products, solid and practical is an ideal metal mesh wall. Accurately measure the spacing of the upright posts to ensure that the distance between each upright post is the same to prevent the problem of not showing up to the ban device.

Before the installation, the net surface is flattened, and all the connection points are hung up. During the installation, one end is fixed first, and the other end is tightly tightened. It is good to have auxiliary tools such as thread tighteners. The order is fixed in sequence. The standard screws used for screws are stainless steel. Even if they have strength, they can be used effectively to reduce spoilage, without rust.Diamond Fence

Two mesh connection methods: first open from the collusion point of one mesh end to be in a natural state, and then draw one at a constant speed. When connecting with another mesh side hole, it is also used to rotate at a constant speed. After wearing, the end of the mesh can be collided. Flat iron standard because the length of 20x20x30mm is well controlled within 3 meters, otherwise the flat iron is easy to twist and flat iron, punching every 30cm, the advantage is that it is convenient for the next step to save time and effort.

Chain Link Fence is also known as court fence or court protection net. It is very popular with the current basketball courts, football fields, baseball fields, volleyball courts, badminton courts, etc., all kinds of court protection nets, the general color is dark green, white, etc. There are three ways to install the fence in this stadium, which are integral welding, reinforced steel assembly and flat steel assembly. During the installation, the hand drill should have a uniform speed and the rotation speed should be controlled at about 2500 rpm. At this time, the hand drill has a large torque and it is not appropriate to wear the screw tip.

The integral welding type is used in Cyclone Fence as early as possible. The main feature is the separation of the frame and the column. Generally, it is produced at the factory and pulled directly to the construction site. Its connection method has no reinforcement assembly type. And the transportation cost is high, so it has been screened at all. The basketball court can also be installed with windscreens.Chain Link Fence Galvanized

The flat steel fixed Diamond Fence is one of the styles of the sports field fence. Generally, it is mainly the method of manufacturing the chain link fence on site. The structure is first welded and then painted, and finally the chain link fence is unfolded and paved to four sides The self-tapping thread used to penetrate the flat iron is fixed on the structure. The big difference between it and the factory-made custom fence is that the fence and the structure fixing method are different.

Chain Link Fence can be used in school playgrounds, leisure and entertainment places of the unit and other sports places. There are two main installation methods, one is embedded type, and the other is expansion bolt (composition: head and screw). The flat iron type can only be installed on one side of the structure, and the factory assembled seine is installed in the middle of the structure. Generally, the flat iron should be 20x20x3mm standard, that is, it should not be too wide, otherwise it is not easy to wear the mesh, and it should not be too thin By the way, if it is too thin, it is easy to bend the flat iron when self-tapping, and the twist of the flat iron will affect the appearance.Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Let’s understand the problems that need to be paid attention to during the installation. The basketball court chain link fence is made of steel plate stamping; it is divided into hot-dip galvanized steel mesh fence, electro-galvanized steel mesh fence, PVC coated steel mesh fence, and plastic-impregnated steel mesh fence ; Steel mesh fence. Has strong anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and other characteristics. If it is embedded, you must ensure that the depth of each foundation pit is the same, otherwise the fixed column will show unevenness and affect the progress of the entire project.