How can we prevent the wrought iron fence from rusting

In recent years, wrought iron fence have been used more and more in daily life, such as iron fences, stair railings and balcony railings. While watching the beauty of iron fences, people believe that most people still have some scruples, are they worried that iron fences will rust soon?
In theory, with the passage of time, iron fences are more likely to rust under the influence of long-term outdoor environments. Depending on the environment, the time for the beginning of rusting varies. However, we have a way to stop dealing with the problem of rusting of iron art guardrails. We often talk about the anti-rust treatment of iron art products.

iron fence panel
It is also effective to choose the more commonly used hot-dip galvanizing treatment of iron fences. In order to improve the anti-rust ability of iron products, manufacturers also have a series of surface treatment processes such as pickling and phosphating before hot-dip galvanizing. At the same time, the hot-dip galvanizing adopts the overall hot-dip galvanizing process, which is the overall hot-dip galvanizing after the overall assembly and welding of the product is completed, which can effectively avoid the rust of the welding point. After the hot-dip galvanizing is finished, the exterior painting or electrostatic spraying treatment should be stopped, so that our products can enhance the anti-rust while presenting iron products of different colors.