Installation details of double wire fence

I believe everyone is familiar with the protective fence dedicated to urban green lawns. It uses a steel wire mesh with a snap-fitĀ and curved top shape, which we call a bilateral fence. It is a kind of fence net, which adopts the mesh woven with plastic dipping wire, which is more solid. And how are these double wire fence installed in the urban green isolation?

The main installation details: the height of the double wire fence for urban greening; because the top of the double wire fence adopts a curved shape, the bent fence can be used in the entire greening construction to have the characteristics of beauty, reinforcement and not easy to be damaged. Regarding different types of landforms and lawn vegetation, etc., different types of bilateral wire fences should also be adopted.

Double Wire Fence

The height range should be controlled between 80cm-120cm, and the direct buried depth of the entire column should also be controlled within a certain range. Dip anti-corrosion coating; special double wire fence for green lawns should be coated with uniform and durable material on the outside. Normally, urban green fences are anti-corrosive. They are all treated with hot-dip galvanizing and have life-long anti-corrosion performance. Buy urban green fences. The whole material should also be moved from the aspect of anti-corrosion characteristics, and it has more and more operational characteristics.