Method and process of making stadium fence

Generally speaking, the stadium fence can be used as a raw material. Generally, welded mesh can be divided into dip welded mesh and plastic welded mesh. The impregnated net and the coated net should be different from the impregnated net and the coated net. Dipping is a plastic coating process that is applied to substrates (usually metal), such as our daily clothes hangers, the handles of pliers, the rubber sleeves on scissors, and various handrails.

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According to whether heating is required, it can be divided into hot dip and cold dip. According to different materials, plastics can be divided into liquid impregnation and powder impregnation. Regarding impregnation, Juntuo Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. has the control of technical personnel, and each worker is a very experienced impregnating plastic worker, and the customer can be at ease on this point.
The stadium fence is a layer of plastic film formed by spraying plastic powder evenly on the metal for heating, or placing a hot immersion liquid in the metal part and covering it after the metal surface is cooled. This technology has been widely used in molds, low processing costs, easy molding and various shapes.
When welding, the welded mesh is welded with high-quality low-carbon wire. Active fine and accurate mechanical equipment is constructed after spot welding. It adopts the appearance of zinc dipping process. It is produced in traditional English. The net appearance is lubricated and tidy, the structure is strong and uniform, and the body performance is good, even if it is reduced or will not bear the pressure. There is a lax phenomenon.
It has strong corrosion resistance throughout the fence and is a widely used iron net. The high-quality corrosion resistance makes it popular in the aquaculture industry. The network cable is smooth and tidy, which increases the look and feel, and has a certain decoration effect, which also makes it appear in the mining.