The advantages of chain link fence in the farm

In the breeding industry, a diamond-shaped fence is often seen. This is chain link fence, a protective fence to ensure animal safety. Chain link fence is made of galvanized wire or plastic coated wire into a metal mesh body connected to each other. The mesh is diamond-shaped. The highlight of the product is its outstanding impact resistance. One of the reasons for the pursuit.

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The advantages of chain link fence in the farm

Features of Chain Link Fence

1. Good impact resistance. Able to withstand frequent collisions with large forces;

2. Good corrosion resistance. Through the double protection of galvanizing and plastic coating, it can be used for more than 10 years in the exposed air and under the attack of acid and alkaline substances without rust, reaching a service life of 20 years.

3. Beautiful and elegant. The structure is simple and the colors are beautiful, which caters to people’s aesthetic needs and has a strong atmosphere of modern life.

Use of Chainlink Fence

Chainlink fences are generally used in zoos, free range chicken farms, orchard complex breeding farms, cherished animal farms, etc. In the use of breeding occupations, only a simple fixation on the post can complete the enclosure device, very Convenient.

Chain Link Fencing

Feeding Cyclone Fence is a series of ball venues favored by sports equipment demand units. The reason why it is widely demanded is that it has its own special interests. It only needs to be a technological innovation to lead in a certain profession. The implementation of a large wave of widespread implementation, the benefits of feeding chain link nets are sharp and superficial, especially acrylic basketball venues and tennis venues are very typical examples. It is precisely due to the gradual and widespread wave of this new technology that it has gradually decayed and developed into a well-known feeding chain link. Feeding chain link fences has several key benefits. The life span of livelihood is 6 years or even longer. Of course, it depends on the strict requirements of the start-up process and the quality of the data. The slow release impulse of the outer surface of the ball venue This is good for trying to take care of athletes from physical damage.Chain Link Fence Panels

For large-scale stadium sports, there will be a layer of safety net equipment around it. Common use occasions include on-campus basketball courts, volleyball courts, and badminton courts. Considering the field situation, it is necessary to establish some relatively high chain link nets. Feeding chain link fences solves this problem very well. In the future college stadiums, these types of fence products are even more needed. In specific colleges and universities, feeding chain link fencing has a very obvious range of use. It is not only strong, but also economical, convenient and reliable, and is a typical protective net product. How should we choose the stadium fence? What are the main points that we must pay attention to? It must be a topic that we all pay attention to. Here, the editor will pick up some basic fence selection methods for you to let you choose the product scientifically and reasonably. When choosing the fence, we must pay attention to the entire mesh, what form is used, and the more common mesh fence is now welded with iron wire. This iron wire is also a solid, corrosion-resistant iron wire, and the diameter and length are professionally tested. Welding wire, stability and material safety have been greatly improved