The advantages of galvanized chain link fence in application

Hot-dip galvanizing involves removing oil, pickling, dipping, and drying the workpiece and immersing it in the molten zinc solution for a certain period of time. Cold galvanizing is also called electro-galvanizing. It uses electrolysis equipment to put the workpiece in a solution of zinc salt after degreasing and pickling, and connect it to the negative electrode of the electrolysis device; place a zinc plate on the opposite side of the workpiece to connect it to the electrolysis device The positive pole, turn on the power supply, use the directional movement of the current from the positive pole to the negative pole, and a layer of zinc will accumulate on the workpiece.

chain link fence
Chain link fence is a common fence product, which is widely used in highway fence and railway fence, so it is a necessary fence product for road traffic. It can effectively block many traffic accidents. Other such traffic chain link fences will also be widely used in breeding areas, such as rabbit breeding and chicken and duck breeding and other animal breeding places can also be seen.
The primary reason why this kind of chain link fence can be used in a higher place is due to the manufacturing process of this kind of guardrail products. Because the material used for this kind of guardrail product is low-carbon steel wire material, galvanized material, etc., this kind of guardrail product has very good strength and can resist many heavy loads. It is a combination of quality and safety. Guardrail products.
It is worth mentioning that the shape of the chain link fence is also more popular with us. The precise and generous design drawings are more suitable for our aesthetic requirements, so it is also good to be beautiful and worthy of appreciation.