Type and material of fence

The fence is a common safety protection facility in daily life. With the development of social economy, the guardrail has undergone many changes. Now we basically see metal fence. There are many uses for fence. The material of metal fence. There are also many kinds, what are their uses?

Types of fence:

In daily life, our common fence are divided according to their purposes: residential balcony fence, stair railings, road fence, air-conditioning fence, river bridge fence, garden green fence, etc., which are used in different buildings and have different sizes and sizes. Style colors also play different roles.

Metal fence material:

The materials commonly used in metal fence are: iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, zinc steel, etc. Most of the balcony railings and road fence are made of zinc steel. Due to the strength of the steel and the anti-corrosion elements of zinc, the zinc steel fence is superior in practical use. When it is used outdoors for a long time, the corrosion resistance of this material’s fence can be fully reflected.