What should be paid attention to when installing the stadium fence?

Attention should be paid to anti-corrosion treatment when installing the stadium fence: the fence adopts PE/PVC coated plastic wire, and the column frame adopts plastic spraying, impregnated plastic treatment, anti-rust primer + metal paint. (The available colors are red, green, dark green, yellow, white, etc.) The color of the basketball court fence is generally dark green and grass green, mostly dark green.
The advantages of basketball court fence are beautiful, durable, maintenance-free, simple in installation, good in maintenance, decoration and beautification. Embedded device: first dig the foundation pit, then put the column into the foundation pit to pour the concrete, and then install the fence after the concrete is set.

Chassis device: It needs to be hardened on the ground, and the expansion bolt is fixed to the fixed column on the ground. The ground clearance of a basketball court fence refers to the interval between the fence and the horizontal pipe under the fence. So what is the use of this interval?

After the rain, there must be water on the ground. If the fence is close to the ground, it will be submerged in the water. Corrosion and rust have a long time, which affects the service life of the fence. For a simple installation, if the ground is not very flat, the Seine River will be built very close to the ground, so that it will not be installed at that time.
The center interval should be defined, that is, the interval between columns, and the position of the columns should be determined according to the center interval of the device site. Attention should be paid to the upright and upright device. After the fence is hung, the tightness of the fence should be adjusted to ensure that the surface of the fence is tight.