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358 security fence is also called anti climb fence which is the ultimate heavy duty welded mesh panel providing the highest degree of security with excellent see through visibility. Material: Q195, Mild Steel Surface treatment: pvc coated Colordark green, light green, blue, yellow, white, black, orange and red, etc. Advantages of 358 fence: 1. The fence body is light, novel, beautiful and durable 2. It is easy to disassemble and assemble itself, and has good reusability 3. Good protection performance, small footprint, increase effective space, strong light transmission, low requirements for auxiliary lighting facilities 4. The price is medium to low, suitable for large areas. Specifications as follow:

Anti Climb Fence Description

Panel height 2100mm 2400mm 3000mm
Fence height 2134mm 2438mm 2997mm
Panel width 2515mm 2515mm 2515mm
Hole size 12.7mm×76.2mm 12.7mm×76.2mm 12.7mm×76.2mm
Horizontal wire 4mm 4mm 4mm
Vertical wire 4mm 4mm 4mm
Panel weight 50kg 57kg 70kg
Post 60×60×2mm 60×60×2mm 80×80×3mm
Post length 2.8m 3.1m 3.1m
Clamp bar 40×6m slotted 40×6m slotted 40×6m slotted
Fixings 8 gal bolt c/w permanent security nut
No. of fixings 8 9 11
Customization accepted