OEM/ODM China 358 High Security Anti Climb Fence - anti-climb fence – Yeson

358 Security Fence, also called Anti climb fence, is the ultimate welded mesh system providing a high degree protection and discreet visual impact on the immediate environment.   Material:Mild Steel * Surface treatment: I. Electro galvanized welded mesh II. Hot dipped galvanized welded mesh Specifications as follow:
Panel height 2100mm 2400mm 3000mm
Fence height 2134mm 2438mm 2997mm
Panel width 2515mm 2515mm 2515mm
Hole size 12.7mm×76.2mm 12.7mm×76.2mm 12.7mm×76.2mm
Horizontal wire 4mm 4mm 4mm
Vertical wire 4mm 4mm 4mm
Panel weight 50kg 57kg 70kg
Post 60×60×2mm 60×60×2mm 80×80×3mm
Post length 2.8m 3.1m 3.1m
Clamp bar 40×6m slotted 40×6m slotted 40×6m slotted
Fixings 8 gal bolt c/w permanent security nut
No. of fixings 8 9 11
Customization accepted