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Welding Temporary fence also named Australia temporary fence Material:iron,steel,galfan wire Surface finish:hot-dip galvanizing,dip-coting,spray blasting Column: square tube round tube peach column new anti-theft column round tube is the most common  Application: It can be reusable or rented; Used as temporary barrier, safety isolation, road leading and order maintaining for municipal, engineering construction, important gathering festival or sports events. unique design: 1) It is not easy to be damaged. Specially formulated high-strength and high-toughness galvanized pipe is selected to produce a high degree of resistance to the usual damage factors such as falling, bumping and bumping; 2) Strong weather resistance and high oxidation resistance. Not easy to rust; 3) The color of the fence is distinguished by directions, and the male and female buckles of the hanging fasteners will not be mistaken. It is simple and easy to identify; 4) The entire design is mainly composed of components and is easy to place. Specifications as follow:
Welded mesh Hole Size 50x50mm, 50x150mm, 60x150mm, 100x200mm
Wire diameter 2.8mm-4.0mm
Panel width 2.1m, 2.4m, 3.0m
Frame Pipe size Ø25mm-48mm, black pipe or galvanized pipe
Wall thickness 1.2mm-2.5mm
Whole height 1.8m, 2.1m
Accessories Plastic base: The fully enclosed plastic base can be filled with sand cement; Hollow plastic base can be cast concrete cement in hollow part
Iron base: Rectangular base of plate base and tube products welding
Connection Regular fence accessories, clips